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The Designer, Natascha Muth

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Simplify Beauty and Life

I am a woman, a wife and a mother who doesn’t want to tie my hair with plastic, metal or hairbands anymore. 

My name is Natascha. When my daughter Elise was born, I was a busy working mother; I was breastfeeding and couldn’t find a satisfying way to tie my hair quickly and beautifully. I was having a hard time trying to be a good mom while staying elegant as a woman at the same time.

That was when I remembered a gift my mother, Nadine, bought me on a market in Florence. When I was 15 years old, she offered me a pretty, easy to attach, silver jewel to fasten my hair in a second.

That is how Elna was born, to simplify women’s lives.

Elise & Nadine… E L N A


In a process over several years, we researched the history, materials and physical properties of hair accessories, as well as production techniques and contemporary needs. We developed a minimalist, elegant and easy to use design. A brooch with a stem attached to it. We devised prototypes and customized tools engineered specifically for E L N A.

The process is executed by our jewelers in Portugal well known for there expertise in precious metals, enabling us to control the quality at any stage. All clips are available in either silver-tone or plated gold.


Along the way, the technical innovation allowed us to improve on both, functionality and style.

E L N A Hair Jewels are flexible, from side-parts to holding bun, half bun and ponytails. Depending on size and model, they are applicable to a variety of different hair qualities and length. 


  • We produce limited quantity to preserve ressources and avoid waste.  
  • We work with a family of jewelers based in Portugal, we are working hand in hands to develop designs and jewels.  
  • We do not use plastic in our packaging or at any stage of the production process.  Our Packaging is produced in Europe.
  • Our jewels are designed to avoid plastic use in your beauty routine with an accessory that last, easy to use everyday.
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