Simplify Beauty and Life

A jewel designed by a woman for women who do it all.
Because you deserve to look great even if you have only one minute.

More than a hair clip, it's a jewel, handcrafted, precious, minimalist & timeless.

We have worked extensively on the designs and material to define the perfect size, the optimal weight and the fitting pressure to keep it in place all day.

The jewels are made of gold, rose gold or silver and exist in different sizes to fit all types of hair density.


I am a woman, a wife and a mother who doesn’t want to tie my hair with plastic, metal or hairbands anymore. 

My name is Natascha. When my daughter Elise was born, I was a busy working mother; I was breastfeeding and couldn’t find a satisfying way to tie my hair quickly and beautifully. I was having a hard time trying to be a good mom while staying elegant as a woman at the same time.

That was when I remembered a gift my mother, Nadine, bought me on a market in Florence. When I was 15 years old, she offered me a pretty, easy to attach, silver jewel to fasten my hair in a second.

That is how Elna was born, to simplify women’s lives with a hair jewel that can be passed on from mother to daughter, as a link between generations.

Elise & Nadine… E L N A

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