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A unique gift for a special woman...

ELNA, more than a hair clip, like a jewel that is lent from mother to daughter ... or from daughter to mother

There are moments that we never forget: the actions of a mother towards her daughter are one of them. The little girl never forgets the feel of a lipstick  passing for the first time on her lips, her eyes detailing her mother's face, smiling and focused. She never forgets the hot breath of her mother braiding her hair in the back of her neck. She remembers the necklace she puts around her neck in front of the mirror and the two hands she presses around her shoulders as she admires her grown-up little girl.

A jewel for a feminine and practical hairstyle

Natascha has never forgotten this jewel that her mother gave her when she was a teenager: an accessory unearthed in a market in Florence. A silver brooch that allowed her to style her hair nicely while still being easy to use despite her fine hair. When she in turn became a mother, convinced that motherhood and femininity could go hand in hand, she thought about it a lot. She ended up reinventing the jewel of her childhood.

A jewel for short, long, curly hair.

ELNA is a jewel for short hair, for shoulder-length or long hair, a jewel for curly and afro hair. It's a barrette that you wear on your wedding day, but it's also a hair clip that you wear in everyday life. It is a chic, timeless, elegant accessory which "dresses" up any hairstyle. It can be used to enhance a bun or as a barrette, to free the face in a half-tail.

ELNA, the jewel to offer on Mother's Day

It's a hair jewel that can be lent from mother to daughter ... or from daughter to mother. ELNA is more than ever a family think: the 1st model of the Belgian brand is called Juliette, like Natascha's grandmother.

ELNA Design, it's a secret that we tell each other from mother to daughter, it's a jewel that we pass on and that lasts over time: it is made in brass and exists in silver, gilded with gold fine or rose gold. It's the perfect gift for Mother's Day: pretty, practical, stylish and durable.

Give ELNA to your mom, maybe she'll lend it to you.
Give ELNA to a mother to be, she will never forget it.

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