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Frequently Asked Questions

Composition of our hair jewels ?

Our accessories are made of Gold 3 microns, sterling silver 925 & Brass. Find out more about Precious metals used to make jewelry, custom jewelry as well as fine jewelry in our article About Precious Metals.

How does the hair jewel close ?

As easy as a brooch: first style your hair, put the pin in your hair, cover with the jewel and put the pin inside. The pin is attached and helps you to keep your hair styled all day.

How do I take care of my hair jewel ?

If you don't use it, keep it in the organic cotton pouch you have received. The Champagne texture in brass & the sterling Silver can be polished with a soft tissue or a soft tooth brush with a bit of lemon or baking soda. The Gold doesn't need to be polished to keep its color.

It is not recommended to wear jewelry when you are swimming, or participating in sporting activities. Also avoid contact with perfumes, hairspray and make-up.

How do I know my hair density ?

Tie your hair back and measure the width of the tail. If your measurement is less than 4 cm, you have low-density hair. If it is between 4 and 6 cm, you have medium-density. And if it is more than 6 cm, you have high-density.

How do I style my hair with my hair jewel ?

It depends on your hair density and the style you like.

High density hair shoulder length, long bob or longer: MINI will be perfect on the side or for a half ponytail. MAXI is recommended to style an updo. 

Medium density hair shoulder length, long bob: MINI is to make a half ponytail, a ponytail. MIDI is recommended to make an updo, french twist, low or high bun. 

Low density hair short bob: MINI is perfect to make an updo or a ponytail.

Where is my hair jewel coming from ?

The designer is Belgian and we work with a jeweler based in Porto, Portugal.  A family dedicated to create the finest Jewelry since 5 generations.

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